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The taste that leaves memories

We have been working with meat in the tradition of our ancestors for thousands of years. Times and generations are changing, cities are being built, governments are changing and states are disappearing, but the taste of meat remains the same - delicious!


Lulia Kebab

new bouquet of flavors

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Our new direction

food delivery lviv now works

We got closer to Lviv when we order authentic original food from the heart of Central Asia and passed for thousands of years.

Try the most delicious samsa, fragrant pilaf with achichuk or unsurpassed mantis by ordering food delivery


About Us

Great place for your dreams

Gourmet friends love modern oriental cuisine in a traditional way. Experts and gourmet of Uzbek cuisine never pass by "Chaykhana Samarkand" A restaurant of tradition and taste awaits you. We especially invite you to prove tastes of Uzbek cuisine and oriental traditions.

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It's doesn't

matter how delicious

is a food or how

many calories, it's a about

the trust


Підпишіться на наші новини та отримайте одним з перших інформацію про наші знижки, оновлене меню та акції які проводимо щомісяця

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"Hidden away, but you will not be disappointed. We had different dishes and everything was great. no played friendliness, very authentic."

— Great, Steffen L.



and small place to

eat authentic food.

Best food in the town.

I would highly recommend this place.


— Delicious Food., Eoyzka


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Phone: +380-98-458-4966

48 Pekarska Str
Lviv, 79008



We are open everyday from 11:50 A.M till 09:30 P.M

Monday - holiday

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Great place for your dreams

Teahouse Samarkand Lviv

A few years ago nobody knew about the Chaikhan Samarkand. Because all this is very far from Europe, both geographically and mentally. Although in the very center of Lviv, on the Old Square, 150 years ago goods from the city of Samarkand were regularly sold. The Great Silk Road passed right here.

Chaikhana Samarkand Lviv - this is how our restaurant is now searched on the Internet. For several years we have been offering not only dishes of Uzbek, but also Ukrainian and European cuisine. There is something more important matter than dishes - it's service. We are sure that you can find delicious meals in many places. There are many high-quality and attractive restaurants in Lviv, which can be quite competitive with European restaurants. Our main concept is the attitude to the client.

What does Chaikhana Samarkand offer in Lviv?

Dishes of Uzbek, Tatar, Arabic, Ukrainian and European cuisine. The range of herbs can vary, but delicious Uzbek pilaf, steamed mantis and samsa are always present in our menu.

Who often visits Chaikhana Samarkand Lviv?

Not everyone likes our dishes. And this is quite understandable, because the tastes are not in dispute. It is very good that in such a famous city as Lviv, cuisines and restaurants of various directions get along very well. First of all, guests from different countries often come to us, we are ready to meet the guest in different languages, so Chaikhana Samarkand Lviv speaks different languages. Because understanding a guest is also an ancient tradition.  

Does food delivery to Chaikhana Samarkand in Lviv work?

Yes, we have our own food delivery in Lviv. Up to 3 km and from 450 UAH delivery is free of charge. Some dishes (company dishes, lentil cream soup) it is desirable to order in advance. Detailed menu from Chaykhan Samarkand.


Who cooks for Chaykhana Samarkand?

Our owners come from Uzbekistan, from the city of Samarkand. They cook together with professional Ukrainian chefs. More about us >>

Teahouse Samarkand Lviv

48 Pekarska Str, Lviv, Ukraine

We are in the houіe #48, just round the corner

Open everyday 

from 12:00 till 22:00

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