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Our institution


Our institution has existed for 5 years, since July 2015. During this time, our institution served an average of 63,875 people. Our institution became famous due to the daily hard work of our employees. Reviews and comments began to be written about our institution. In 2017, our institution first received a quality certificate from the travel site, which made us more famous, but also began to treat us more meticulously. After a year of constant work on the menu, on the dishes and the attitude to each client, our institution received another certificate of quality for the year 2018. About our institution began to write reviews on Google Maps. We have received the third quality certificate for 2019 and we continue to work for you!


It all started many years ago. Probably when the founders of the "Tea House Samarkand" lived far away in the eastern region and talked about history and culture, and for lunch went with guests to the best restaurants in the city.


It is possible that our restaurant started even earlier, when our founders ate hot bread at home as a child, tasted different types of pilaf and watched how such delicious food is prepared. On the other hand, our chefs have taken a life course of mastery to finally be able to cook national cuisine. And our waiters have learned the art of reincarnation in order to be able to receive and serve each of our guests in the Eastern way.

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