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Of course, any work is done by specific people. We have a small team and we realize that each of us has a great responsibility for their work.


Our goal is to interest you in oriental cuisine! The range of dishes will be prepared exclusively according to the recipes of Uzbek cuisine. Everyone who has ever been to the East remembers the attitude towards the guest and the comfort of home, which captures as soon as you find yourself there. You can feel it in our institution, in addition, outside the window you will see the real pearl of Western Ukraine - Lviv.


Like all catering establishments, we are having a hard time with the quarantine period. During this time, we began to actively work on deliveries. We have taken the search for "food delivery Lviv" as a basis and now we have our own regular customers. We already know who needs to cook a delicious lentil soup (although we do not have it on the menu now, but for that lady we cook it separately). And a friend of our institution will definitely call and warn that in half an hour will pass by and take fresh hot bread Non.

In addition, we began to carry food directly to the office. This is the case, for example, at once 40 pieces of mantle and 20 pieces. samsa, or 4 kg of pilaf with salad.

There is work in the kitchen, although not as much as before. Unfortunately, our girls do not have a job in the hall yet. But we hope that soon we will work together again and we will meet you with joy!

Food delivery has become our main focus at this time. We hope that the hard times for the restaurant business will pass. But even after the opening, we leave food delivery in Lviv as a separate destination. Because there can always be reasons to order a couple of kilograms of pilaf from a cauldron or mantle for the company, if a meeting of friends or relatives is planned.


Behind all the work of the institution and each individual employee is this lady, who with all her thoughts, soul and heart does everything to make it all work and work properly. And also so that it is finally liked by our guests.


She is the heart and soul of our institution, Without her there would be no institution itself.


Owner Nina
Наш кухар Жанна


If anyone needs to be blamed for why our visitors like our food, it's Jeanne.


In fact, working in the kitchen is not even 1,000 small things, but maybe all 100,000. We call such work "mission impossible", but it is done.

In the form of delicious hot bread, masterpiece pilaf and fragrant baklava. She is the golden hands of our institution.




This is Furkat. He drinks tea, or maybe not tea. He drinks and thinks how to make better what is already there and what is not there yet ... Even what is already improved.


And he walks around the hall, monitors the cleanliness, the work of staff and timely payments to suppliers. She cooks pilaf, shurpa, lyula, samsa and monitors the quality of dishes.

And Furkat is working on the site, on the projects of the institution, on the dishes and on the accounting papers.




Will always greet you warmly, will provide answers to your questions. The

She is very professional in her work: from cleanliness to responsibility.

If all employees were as responsible, professional and hardworking as Lena, managers and directors would have nothing to do at work.


We are glad that there are people like Lena in our team. Any team should have professional, organized and responsible professionals who become role models for others.



Restaurant Manager Lena

Well, you learned a little about our team. Will be waiting for you to meet you!

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