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Плов узбецький у казані у Львові

Pilaf Samarkand


Продажа плову у старину


of one small and delicious discovery

We can only guess about the first story when pilaf (plov, palov, pilau)  was cooked. There are many versions of its origin. One should mention Alexander the Great. He ordered  to collect the remains of all the products and cook everything in one cauldron. And so it came out.

Another people mention Avicenna, arab-persian scientist, who is just credited with deciphering the name of the plov (actually he had more important things to do).

In fact, the story of the plov is so simple that no one seems to guess. It was created by an ordinary person who just wanted to eat.

Over the years, our ancestors have improved it by adding various spices and ingredients, but the technology of cooking it in the cauldron has remained the same.

Готує плов узбецький


The peoples of the Eastern countries are relatively conservative. That is why pilaf is one of the universal solutions in gastronomy.


It is cooked both at birth and at the funeral, for birthdays and weddings, for guests and for the family feast every week.


Almost everyday goes friends to "plov out".

For this purpose, each city has plenty of small or big  restaurants only with plov. The clients there are ordering only pilaf (plov), salad, bread and tea as usuall.

Традіція узбецького плову Самарканд
Готуємо узбецький плов разом

Recipe of plov

The ingredients are always the same -
the result is always different

Oil - 300 гр

Meat - 1 кг

Onions - 200 гр

Carrots - 1 кг

Rice - 1 кг

Salt, pepper, persian cumin

The oil is heated, the meat, onions is putting, then the carrots (sliced in straws). Add water, salt, pepper. The rice is laid out in an even layer. Shovel several times and close the lid for blistering. It's very short about how to cook plov!


Pilaf has existed in the world for a couple of thousand years. And in Lviv (West Ukraine) we are cooking its daily - last 5 years


Inscribed in 2016 (11.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


The largest serving of plov weighs 7,360 kg (16,226 lb 0 oz) created by Mill­iy TV (Uzbekista­n) in Tashkent, Uzbe­kistan, on 8 Septemb­er 2017.


Turmeric or cinnamon? Nuts or raisins? The players may change, but the fundamentals of fluffy, fragrant pilaf are always the same.

Claire Saffitz

About Uzbek pilaf

Відгук про плов

Vadim, Exotic Uzbek cuisine

This is the typical Uzbek restaurant which offers the typical Uzbek dishes. However, the content of spices is a bit adopted for the Eastern European tastes. They serves Uzbek soups and salads, BBQ, samsa (Uzbek baked pie with beef and onion), basma, manty (Uzbek steamed dumplings with meat and onion) etc. And of cause pilaf (plov), the king of the Uzbek dishes. Everything was hearty and testy, the waitress was very nice and friendly. They also have a selection of alcohol drinks, including one local beer on tab and Uzbek sweets as well.

Відгук з

MamaiInessa, Amazing Central Asian Food

The restaurant is an amazing place. The inside looks nice and the food is amazing. Everything will be made fresh and quick. The menu is huge with a lot of traditional Uzbek food such as Plov.

Відгук з Google Maps

Carmen Munoz, Simple Excellent!

The restaurant isn't exactly in the old town but it's perfectly reachable on foot. It serves traditional Uzbek food (soup and plov) and beverages (airan and herbal tea). The service is fast, the owner and the staff very friendly.

Very fair prices, even for Ukrainian standards.

Will surely come back if I'm in Lviv again!

How to cook Uzbek pilaf with meat

For cooking pilaf, any of the 200 recipes that exist are suitable. Choose from what you like best. Divide pilaf cooking into 3 parts: frying, jam and longing. At the frying stage, you need to determine what kind of meat you have for pilaf. Soft light meat will be fried with onions in hot oil for up to 25 minutes. If the meat is dark, you need to fry it for 20 minutes = 40.  Cut and check for readiness. It should be soft and ready by about 60%. If not ready, add water, and simmer a little to 60% readiness. The jam begins when it is almost ready  the meat is topped with chopped carrots, chickpeas, garlic and spices. The soup reaches the level of carrots by 1/3. After the soup (zirvak) boils, taste it. It should be tasty and a little salty. Carefully and evenly spread the rice. Bring to a boil. Stir in the rice layer three times and cover with a lid. The pot should stand on low heat for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, but do not open the lid for another 15-20 minutes. Uzbek pilaf is ready!

Pilaf we are serving everyday for you

- Pilaf, which is cooked in a cast iron cauldron

- Uzbek pilaf prepared by Uzbeks

- Pilaf, which is prepared according to the recipe of Samarkand pilaf

- Be sure to cook with garlic, chickpeas, chili peppers and (seasonally) with quince

- Pilaf, in which they are laid out separately in layers, but cooked together: meat, carrots and rice

- Pilaf, in which the ratio of flavors is perfectly matched: sunflower, safflower, sesame and olive oils.

узбецький плов

Main menu Pilaf

We are serving this Pilaf with tomatoes, cooked together with pilaf garlic, special sausige, quail egg, chili pepper, fried red redishlemon and greens. (340 gr / 124 UAH). Possible to order delivery

It goes well with pilaf

Achichuk salad

Салат ачічук

The classic version. Tomato, cucumber and onion salad with cilantro, basil and chili peppers.

Khan's meat plate

Ханська м'ясна тарілка

Assorted meat dishes for the company: Lamb with dried apricots, Lulya kebab with minced veal, Mutton with grilled vegetables, Chalagach from veal.

Samsa to the company

Самса на компанію

Baked crispy dough with minced veal with tomato-garlic sauce

Плов Люкс на компанію

Pilaf Lux for the company

This pilaf looks very interesting. It consists of 1 kg of ordinary pilaf that we prepare every day, 3 ribs of veal loin from the "Kazan-kabob" dish and 200 grams of tender lamb from our "Lamb with vegetables" dish. To such pilaf we add quail eggs, fresh tomatoes, greens, garlic, chili peppers from pilaf as decorations.

Weight: 2 kg    Price: UAH 1,508 

  • When is it better to eat pilaf?
    Pilav tastes best when it is freshly cooked. We prepare such pilaf every day (except Monday) around 1:00 p.m. We prepare a small cauldron of pilaf for 14-15 servings. Therefore, it often happens that the pilaf for lunch ends quickly. If we have an order for dinner, then we start preparing another cauldron of pilaf. If you want to order pilaf for lunch, order in advance. For example, on our website you can order for a certain day in advance. If you want to eat pilaf at our place, call.
  • What types of pilaf do you cook?
    We prepare only one type of pilaf: Samarkand style. But it can be submitted in 3 versions: * as "Samarkand pilaf" for one person, 350 g; * as "pilaf for three per company", 1 kg. Served on one plate. * as "Plov Deluxe for company", 2 kg with ribs, lamb and decorations. Served on 1 large plate.
  • What kind of meat do you use in pilaf?
    We are preparing lamb pilaf. Such pilaf turns out to be low-fat, and the meat is very soft.
  • Is it possible to order pilaf delivery from you?
    Yes. You can order delivery of both pilaf and other dishes that we prepare. This can be done either on our website - on the "Food Delivery" page or call us to the phone number 098 458 49 66. You can leave a Viber message on this phone number in the same way.
  • What packaging do you use to deliver pilaf?
    If it is an ordinary portioned pilaf, then we use ecological boxes made of corn starch. Such a box is sufficiently voluminous, retains heat and can be used to heat food in the microwave. Pilav for the company, be it "Pilav for three per company" or "Plov Deluxe for the Company", we pack it in an aluminum container. It is important that the food packaging temperature should be at least 80-90 C so that the food arrives at the customer warm. In addition, on festive occasions, we offer to bring or pack food for you in a branded form. and we can provide our large plate (lyagan) and beautifully lay out the pilaf in it. All you need is to order delivery or pick up such pilaf yourself from our establishment. Such a pilaf will not need to be transferred from the box to the plate, it will already look beautiful on the signature Uzbek plate, it will be hot and beautifully decorated. In addition, you can take pilaf plates from us. So you can treat your friends in a unique way at home.
  • How is pilaf delivered?
    You choose which pilaf you will need: "Pilav Samarkand", "Pilav for three per Company" or "Plov Deluxe per company". You give us the order. This can be done on the page or on our work phone 098 458 4966 or message us on Viber. We will reply to you and clarify the details of the order. We send you an invoice with the details of your order and details for payment. You pay, and we prepare the order and send it via taxi. You get taxi navigation from us and wait for delivery.

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