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Shurpa soup  in Lviv on Pekarska Street

Шурпа з баранини

Do you know how to find the best place in the city of Uzbekistan to prepare the most delicious shurpa soup? Ask the locals first, they already know exactly where the tastiest shurpa is, at least in their area. Because they live here and have already tried all possible places. Why "places"? Because it is impossible to name a restaurant, and there will be no cafe or dining room either. But shurpa is in almost all catering establishments. But such that people spoke separately from it, went there, for lunch or even at night, and that in the menu of such establishments there is nothing more than shurpa -  there are few such places. Another sign is a large cluster of cars near the place where they cook (usually for lunch). People drive around the city every day to proven places to eat delicious food. And in Lviv, connoisseurs of this oriental dish - come to the "Tea House Samarkand" on Pekarska Street. 

Usually, shurpa is prepared in teahouses, or it is just a private yard, where only shurpa is prepared at home. Properly cooked in a cauldron, pan, over an open fire or on a gas stove, shurpa, always hearty, fragrant, and varied in taste. Traditionally, meat, potatoes and carrots are cut into large pieces. For what sometimes to a braid (a braid - in translation from uzb.  "soup dishes") serve an additional plate so that you can put on it large pieces of meat, potatoes and carrots. 

According to the cooking technology, you can distinguish at least three types of shurpa:

  • boiled shurpa ( kainatma shurpa)

  • roasted shurpa

  • shurpa in the oven (shurpa piti)

Shurpa cannot be counted by the number and types of added ingredients. Someone is now adding chicken, pork, tomato paste and peas. That is, what is rich in imagination or what is at hand, it is added. But if we talk about real, traditional, Uzbek shurpa, the main things there: meat (lamb or veal), carrots, onions and potatoes. Regionally (for example, Shurpa in Samarkand), traditional is shurpa with chickpeas (mohara - or nohut shurpa).


What are the types of shurpa?

суп шурпа

How to find out if it is the right shurpa?

Правильна шурпа
  • You've heard or read about delicious shurpa for a long time. Or you even ate such shurpa at least once in your life in the Crimea, or from friends of Uzbeks. And it reminds you very much of the same thing, it can be just the same.

  • When you are served shurpa, the first thing you inhale is the aroma of spa, and you really like it!

  • Soup in shurpa transparent or translucent, light color. These are the correct colors. Turbid soup, or dark in color, indicates that the soup is heated or overcooked many times on the fire.

  • Shurpa should taste more "sweet" than bitter or salty.

  • If you gamselili the whole koshuchka (tureen) shurpa and did not notice how all ate, then that is the correct shurpa!

  • If your friends, after your advice on where to eat delicious shurpa in Lviv, then told you that it was incredible, then that shurpa is what you need.

Try real Uzbek shurpa in Lviv on the corner of Pekarska / Tereshkivtsi at the Samarkand tea house or order online delivery of shurpa and Uzbek pilaf to your home.

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