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Uzbek cuisine

лагман та інши страви узбецької кухні

"Hello, Chayhana Samarkand?"

- When do you open? So I want your lagman that is just a drop!

From a conversation with a client.

Uninvented stories


The first of the lagman dishes, of course, is Uighur lagman and Dungan lagman. To this day, these species of lagman remain the most popular in Central Asia. However, there are many connoisseurs who will prefer the Uzbek version of the lagman. 

iqmena, food blogger


лагман на столі
лагман дунганський

lagman Dungan

Dungan lagman belongs to the second dishes, In lagman Dungan and Uyghur meat and vegetables are quickly fried on high heat and stewed for a short time, In lagman Uygur and Dungan each component is perceived separately, combining in a dish in a wonderful taste fireworks.

суп лагман

lagman Uzbek

Lagman Uzbek, still closer to a thick soup. In Uzbek lagman, frying time is less and stewing is much longer. Lagman Uzbek - a harmonious variety of flavors, merged from the beginning.

чузма лагман - витягнутий лагман


Any lagman has two components. Long noodles, it is called the word "lagman" and meat and vegetable sauce " vaja ".

In this photo, lagman, ie noodles, is stretched - chuzma lagman. We intentionally do not describe the process of extracting noodles. In Uzbekistan, few people pull noodles themselves, even if they know how to do it. We cook chuzma-lagman on our own and almost every day. In Uzbekistan, you can buy a package of fresh extracted noodles at any market.


Lagman is not only chuzma, elongated. Lagman may also be Kesma  - cut. You can knead the usual noodle dough, roll it into a large thin layer and cut into long strips about two inches thick. This will be your Kesma lagman.

lagman - recipe

For waji refueling:

We count products approximately on four portions.

Meat, lean meat of veal or lamb - 300-400 g
A couple of large onions, 1 green radish, 2 small carrots, a piece of white cabbage 150 grams, a couple of bell peppers of different colors, 3 tomatoes or a tablespoon of tomato paste, a head of garlic.
100-150 ml of vegetable oil, salt
Spices: red hot pepper, red sweet pepper (paprika), cilantro and star anise, star anise.

Preparation of products.

Cut the meat into small pieces. Onions and bell peppers - half rings. Carrots, radishes and potatoes - in small cubes or cubes.
If you use fresh tomatoes instead of tomato paste, then grind the tomatoes into a tomato paste.
Crush the garlic with the plane of a knife and chop finely.
Grind spices to a powder.



Heat the oil in a cauldron. Fry the meat in oil. As soon as the oil in the pot becomes clear from the meat juices, add the onions. Fry until yellow.
In the process of frying, add the garlic.

As soon as the onions turn yellow, add tomatoes or tomato paste. Fry everything together for about a minute.
Next, add carrots, radishes and potatoes. Fry, stirring. In the process of frying, add all the spices (except star anise) and salt.
As soon as the carrots darken, the potatoes and radishes become soft, add the cabbage and bell peppers. Fry for another couple of minutes, mixing the cabbage with the other ingredients.

Pour into the pot the water in which the noodles were cooked so that it barely covers the contents of the pot. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat under the pot and simmer for half an hour. Ten minutes before the end of the stew, add the mashed star anise.



Prepare deep boxes (soup bowls). Place the meat and vegetable dressing on the noodles together with the thick broth.

Serve lazjan with lazman soup,

Your lagman is ready!

суп лагман

Lagman tastes better if eaten with lazjan and in the company of friends!

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