Now the taste of Lulya kebab has become much more interesting

We cook the soft meat in the oven, preserving the rich taste and add flavor through spices and herbs. The result of special cooking can surprise even experienced gourmets of meat dishes.


Lulya kebab, we serve with fried and then baked potatoes, as is done with the traditional Uzbek dish Kazan kebab.


Marinated onions, cut into thin slices will add a spicy taste to juicy meat. Adjika sauce will add spiciness to a fragrant dish and increase appetite while enjoying the taste of Lulya kebab.


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Kebab - translated from Persian as "fried meat". Real Lyulya-kebab is prepared from chopped lamb, to which is added very finely chopped onions and lard. You can fry kebabs on charcoal or at home in a pan - believe me, they are no less delicious and juicy.


Gizhduvan kebab is very popular in Uzbekistan - it is minced lamb with spices cooked on the grill. In taste and juiciness it resembles our Lulya kebab. A small town in the suburbs of the ancient city of Bukhara, known to medieval scientists, potters and kebabs. Now Lviv residents and guests of the city can taste a real kebab in the restaurant "Tea House Samarkand".