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Return of goods of proper quality

1. The buyer has the right to exchange the goods of proper quality for similar from the seller from whom he was purchased, if the product did not satisfy him in shape, size, style, color, size or for other reasons can not be used for its intended purpose under the following conditions:

A) the goods for exchange are provided to the Seller within not more than fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase;

B) the product may be replaced if it has never been in use, does not contain traces of use and if its product appearance, consumer properties, seals, labels, films are preserved, the integrity of the packaging of the product and its components is not violated;

C) the product does not contain scratches, chips, abrasions, fully functional;

D) the completeness of the sold goods is preserved;

Ґ) the goods may be replaced upon presentation by the Buyer of a settlement document issued to the Buyer together with the sold Goods.

7.1.1. Requirements p.7.1. do not apply to goods that in accordance with Annex №3 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 19.03.94 №172 "On the implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine" On Consumer Protection ", referred to the List of goods of good quality, not subject to exchange )


2. If the Goods do not meet the conditions specified in paragraphs. A) - Ґ) item 7.1., The Seller has the right to refuse to exchange the Goods.


3. Transport costs for delivery of the Goods in exchange under paragraph 7.1. rely on the Buyer.


4. When exchanging goods, its warranty period is recalculated from the date of exchange.


5. If at the time of exchange of similar goods are not for sale, the Buyer has the right to either purchase any other goods from the available range with the appropriate transfer of value, or terminate the contract and get back the money in the amount of returned goods, or exchange goods for similar the first receipt of the goods for sale.


If you paid for the order online with a card, but later your order was canceled by the restaurant, we unblock the funds and the refund is made within 5-30 working days (the term depends on the bank that issued your bank card).

We are always ready to listen to our customers about the quality of service and quality of food delivered.

Please do not contact us or call us to resolve any issues.

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