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Hello! On this page of our life, we are ready to start talking about partnership. All our life experience is based on relationships with people. Since we started working independently in a completely different industry, we have always worked only with people. Historical monuments, museums, ancient cities and ancient history - everything related to the hospitality industry gave us first-hand experience on this path. And every step or touch in all this was a human factor. And today, starting with each individual client, supplier, or colleague with whom we work every day in institutions - we work with a person. The greatest value of our business is a person. We believe that a partnership that will be built on the values of humanity, sincerity, and openness has a chance of success.

Added to this are many years of experience in running a restaurant, working on a recipe, working out business and technological processes.

After all, we have been working as restaurateurs for many years and are ready to share our experience with our partners in order to build a new business.

Our plans

Our next steps in this direction will be:

1. Creation of 2 business models: Restaurant of Uzbek cuisine and Cafe of Uzbek cuisine.

2. Calculation of the budget and business return.

From our side, we are ready to present knowledge, contacts and experience. In one of the partnership options, we are ready to be by your side during the creation of a new Uzbek establishment in your city from the very beginning until launch. Another of the partnership options assumes that we will expand your new establishment together.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, because Ukraine needs economic development, jobs, replenishment of the budget and donations. And we also have an invincible faith that one day we will live together in a peaceful country. And then we will need to have ready-made plans for building the economy and life for one of the best countries in the world! Together to Victory, friends!

Let`s work together

Contact us so we can start working together.

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