Gift Card from Restaurant Chaykhana Samarkand in Lviv

When is it needed?

You once again or first time have the opportunity to come to Lviv and walk small old streets through in the old city. Do not forget to think in advance about places where you can relax from the influx of impressions and emotions. You can have lunch or dinner in a restaurant in such famous tourist city like Lviv better and cheaper, if you take care of it in advance.

Just before the holidays or the holiday season, you can buy gift certificates for your friends, family and colleagues, as well as for yourself.  Buying a gift card (eGiftCard) is a great solution for any holiday (tourist trip, birthday, New Year or just a meeting), a pleasant sign of attention or gratitude.

Did you find out that one of your friends is going to Lviv? Give them a gift certificate from Chaikhan Samarkand with a discount of -20%! Is it not a pleasant gift?

Restaurant's Gift Card - What Is It?

A gift card, also known as a gift certificate or gift voucher / token, is a prepaid cash card with a certain value that is usually issued by a restaurant and used as an alternative to cash. Gift cards are also issued by employers or organizations as rewards or gifts. The gift card can be as a plastic card or as an electronic card (eGiftCard).


Gift cards have now become a popular item for collectors. They have a convenient format, and customers are usually allowed to keep the cards after the loan is redeemed. In addition, some companies have begun to publish various motives for celebrating seasonal events. Increased demand from collectors has led some companies to disclose collectors as a target group and develop attractive designs for cards. So now there are cards in a rectangular shape or with special image effects (for example, alternating cards with images from Galeria Kaufhof). In Germany, large retailers such as Thalia issue urban-themed maps in their branches. Media-Saturn-Holding published a total of 1766 (as of 2013) various motives.


Cards can have a serial number, barcode, magnetic stripe, which is read by electronic machines from credit cards. Many cards do not matter until they are sold, and then the cashier enters the amount the customer wants to put on the card. This amount is rarely stored on the card, but instead is listed in the seller's database, which is cross-linked to the card ID.

Подарунковий сертифікат Gift Card

What are the benefits of a eGiftCard?

Gift cards are a marketing invention that allows you to sell / buy a product or service. The restaurant has a reward for this, which at the moment is not giving anything away, but is already receiving money. And the client, because usually the sale of the certificate is accompanied by various interesting proposals.

An added bonus for buying a gift card at TSTBBQ looks like this - spending $ 50 or more, get a free game of mini golf and a roll of toilet paper. Italian gourmet Franco Anthony in Verona, offers an additional $ 10 for $ 50 gift cards, $ 25 for $ 100 gift cards, $ 50 for $ 200 gift cards.

Restaurant Chaikhana Samarkand in Lviv offers a -20% discount for the purchased amount of the gift card. This is a very attractive offer, especially for travelers who plan to not only look at interesting events and historical monuments, but also to visit restaurants known for their cuisine and service.

How it's works?

On this site you can buy and give your friends or family a gift card for the trip, fill out the form and indicate from whom, to whom and write greetings or wishes. You can pay for a gift card through Paypal.

I paid what next?

Your will receive an email stating that he or she is receiving a gift certificate for the amount you paid. This eGiftCard must be printed out. When the owner of eGiftCard shows it to us, we will make a discount of -20% on the amount specified in the gift cards.

Is it possible to return the money for the certificate?

No, we can only sell food and beverages for the amount specified in the gift cards.

If the gift cards is for 100 dollars, and we ate only for 80, will we get our money back?

No, in this case it is better to take 2-3 gift cards for 10-20 dollars.

How long is such a card valid?

Gift card from Chaykhan Samarkand, which can be purchased on our website, have no time limit.

How long is such a card valid?

Gift card from Chaykhan Samarkand, which can be purchased on our website, have no time limit.

How long is such a card valid?

Gift card from Chaykhan Samarkand, which can be purchased on our website, have no time limit.