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A place for affordable, delicious banquets for up to 20 people

They come to us to get acquainted with the atmosphere of the East

For 6 years we have been creating a unique atmosphere of your feasts. The city of Samarkand, from "Fairy Tales of 1001 Nights" came to Lviv then.

Our team will be happy to help you organize a banquet that will be remembered for a long time.


By visiting us, you will fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of oriental traditions, enjoy the hospitality and generosity of this region.


Uzbek cuisine restaurant "Chaikhana Samarkand" is a place where guests are always waiting.

Нижний зал Чайхана Самарканд

What banquets can we hold?

Teahouse "Samarkand" is ready to hold a banquet for you on any occasion. Most often we celebrate:

Святкування дня народження



Name day

Дитячі дні народження

Baby births

Стіл шатро в Чайхана Самарканд
Вхід до Чайхана Самарканд
Банкетний зал Чайхана Сарканд
Стіл шатро в ресторані Чайхана Самарканд

Why do guests like our establishment?

We are waiting for you every day to make your stay in "Chaykhan Samarkand" truly unforgettable

Individual service

We have a small room that consists of 2 floors with different interiors. Few tables, but more attention to each guest.


Delicious cuisine
Our chefs will prepare fresh and delicious dishes for you. Our dishes are prepared according to both traditional and original recipes.

смачна кухня

Convenient location
We are located in a cozy area of the central part of the city (on the corner of Pekarska / Tershakovtsy), 5 minutes from public transport.

зручне розташування

Additional Services
At your request, we can offer your music, which you can bring on a flash drive, photo shoot, pastries, animators for children.

Додаткові послуги
кунжутний салат
Рулетики з баклажанів

Banquet menu

Taste the national dishes of oriental cuisine only in our restaurant.

We can offer the menu with a cost from 320 to 430 hryvnias per person.


* You can bring your own alcohol *

* You can bring your alcohol to the banquet:

- if the total amount of the previous account exceeds UAH 4,000;

- if you are willing to pay (Cork Fee - 40 UAH ) for each bottle;

We have prepared a banquet menu for you so that it is possible to have a variety of delicious dishes on the table with excellent serving. In addition, you can always add both meat and vegetarian dishes from the main menu

Смачні східні трави на столі

In addition, we can prepare meals for you and your friends to order:

  • Dolma - stuffed cabbage leaves from the vineyard.  

  • Afghan pilaf is prepared according to an original recipe by a chef from Afghanistan. The composition of this pilaf includes lamb, rice, carrots, raisins, almonds, pistachios.  

  • Samarkand pilaf is prepared according to a separate recipe. This pilaf is made from lamb, carrots and rice. Garlic, chickpeas, chili peppers and quince (if available) are added to the cauldron together with the pilaf. The pilaf is laid out on a large plate in layers: first rice, then carrots, then meat. Garnish with quail eggs, garlic and pepper. The presentation looks very nice.  

  • Samsa with lamb

  • Mashkichiri is a very tasty dish of rice, masha (green mung beans), carrots and lamb meat sauce,

  • Basma for company - this dish is prepared almost in pairs in a cauldron. Lamb, veal, cabbage, garlic, carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, greens. 

Узбецький Плов на тарілці
Баранина з овочами

Our contacts

Just on this site or by phone you can make a pre-order. Write or call us - we will be glad to see you :)

street Pekarska 48

(on the corner, at the corner, the beginning of Tershchakovtsiv Street)

Tel. : 098 458 49 66

We accept orders daily

from 12 to 20 hours

Бенкетне меню
Замовити банкет

Order a banquet

Fill out this short form to order a banquet. We will call you back to agree on the details.

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