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Materials: Bone China
Color: Style
Product dimensions: 8"L x 8"W
Pattern: LJFABKY
Seasons: All-Season

【Size】The personalized ceramic decorative plate is available in four sizes 6" / 7" / 8" / 10". Please check the size before purchasing and it is best to place it in a smooth place.
【Material】The printed decorations are made from a ceramic material that is strong and durable, with a smooth, non-cutting surface that can be placed or hung for long periods of time without fading. Note: Not drop resistant, please place with care.
【Hangable and Displayable】The custom-made decorative panel can either be displayed on a stand or hung on the wall with the included self-adhesive. Even if you want to take it off later, the self-adhesive keeps the wall stain-free and is very easy to install. The two decorative options are yours to choose from and look great on a tabletop display or hanging on the wall in your living room.
【Decoration】Custom patterned decorative plates with a cool and stylish personalized creative style are more than capable of highlighting your aesthetic for decorating your home in a unique and detailed way. Available in different styles of printing, cute and fun, stylish and retro, cool and personalized patterns are available, so if you are interested, go into the shop and search for Ceramic Decorative Plate.
【Occasions】This bespoke decorative plate with display stand is suitable for display in a study, office, entrance, hall etc. The disc decorations are able to set a magnificent atmosphere. The seemingly fragile decorative keepsake is even more precious and regular wiping is recommended.

Oriental Art Style Mandala Ceramic Decor Plate with Display Stand Hanging Perso

SKU: B0C89WR72Ze4t6gfdsdef
PriceFrom ₴1,182.00
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