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Lunch delivery Lviv

Phone for ordering (098) 458 - 49 - 66

or order online

Телефон для замовлення

Under what conditions does the delivery of lions' lions work?

We deliver food:

- by prior arrangement;

- if orders are made on the site online

- if you call us directly (098 458-49-66);

Orders can be:

- from our main menu on the site;

- from our menu at a business lunch ;

- from our additional menu - under the order

- from our banquet menu ;

You can get:

- -10% discount if you order on the site online "for today";

- -20% discount if you order online "from today to tomorrow";

- free delivery of food from the amount of the order 350 UAH;

Business lunches

Бізнес ланчі

Orders are accepted the day before until 17:00 (the next day).

The cost of ready-made sets from 120 to 150 UAH.

Delivery is accepted from 10 lunches.


Delivery is free.


Choose a lunch or dinner for delivery that you like best.

Salads, soups or main dishes can be different.

Weight of the dish in the set: salad - 120 gr., Soup - 250 gr., Main course - 250 gr., Samsa - 110 gr.

Make your choice for delivery for lunch or dinner or review ready-made options for lunch delivery. Call us and we will prepare a lunch option and a bill and send it to you.

This is not a complete list of dishes that we love to cook for our customers. On the page of our online menu , you can always get acquainted with our dishes for delivery. Currently there is a 10% discount and free delivery on all dishes from our main menu

Ми готуємо по дням тижня

з вівторка по п'ятницю


Салат: огірки, капуста, зелень, лимон
Суп: Машхурда - рис, маш & телятина
Страва: Манти на пару з м'ясом (2) з овочами



Салат: Помидоровий
Суп: Овочевий

Страва: Димлама - Овочеве рагу з телятиною


Салат: латук, помідори, огірки, перець болг
Суп: Рисовий Мастава
Страва: Фрикадельки (2) з картопляним пюре


Салат: Буряковий з бринзою
Суп: Борщ з телятиною
Страва: Люля кебаб (2) з рисом та овочами

  • Замовлення на таки обіди приймаємо заздалегідь, мін. за один день до 17:00 години. 

  • Вартість такого обіду 180 грн

  • До кожного обіду може буде додано  хліб 2 шт. (білий чи сірий) - на вибір (безплатно)

  • Вартість додатково пакування одноразових приладів - 10 грн/обід

  • Доставлення від 10 обідів по місту безплатно

  • Можемо донести безпосередньо до кухні (за необхідністю) :)

Телефон для замовлення
(068) 773 - 51 - 41 (Viber)

або замовте онлайн 

Ready options for lunch

Плов Самарканд




Samkand pilaf


Samsa with meat


The cost is UAH 120

Set № 1

Салат з кунжутом


Shurpa soup




The cost is 130 hryvnias

Set № 2


Запечена риба

Set № 3




Fish fried and baked in batter with garnish (rice with vegetables)


Samsa with cheese

The cost is 140 hryvnias

  • Set № 1

  • Achichuk salad

  • Pilaf

  • Samsa with meat

  • 120 грн

  • Set № 2

  • Salad

  • Shurpa

  • Pilaf

  • Bread

  • 140 грн

  • Set № 3

  • Salad

  • Fish in batter with garnish

  • Samsa with cheese

  • 140 грн


Set № 4


Lagman soup

Chicken fillet in batter with garnish

(puree or rice with vegetables)

The cost is UAH 130




Lenten Soup

Potato pancakes

with sour cream

The cost is UAH 120

Set № 5


Салат сімсім

Set № 6


Lentil soup

Mantle with pumpkin steamed


The cost is 120


  • Set № 4

  • Achichuk salad

  • Pilaf

  • Samsa with meat

  • 120 грн

  • Set № 5

  • Salad

  • Lean borsch

  • Potato pancakes

  • 120 грн

  • Set № 6

  • Salad

  • Lentil soup

  • Manti with pumpkin

  • 120 грн

суп лагман
Мастава суп

One of our signature soups is called lagman. It is made from noodles (which we extract by hand) and thick soup with veal and vegetables. Lagman soup has a thick consistency, pleasant aroma and taste. For connoisseurs of spicy food, you can recommend this sauce lazjan sauce (15 UAH).

Another soup from our daily menu is mastava soup, which can be called an analogue of rice soup. However, it is prepared according to the Uzbek recipe and a little with oriental spices. The cost of masta soup is 45 hryvnias, the weight of the soup is 300 gr. We add dill and parsley to the buttermilk. But if desired, we can also add basil and / or garlic.

крем суп з гарбуза

For connoisseurs of vegetarian cuisine, light and healthy soups, we offer lunch delivery with cream soup of pumpkin, ginger and garlic. It is very common in Arab countries and the Middle East. When served, cream or sour cream can be added (optional).

Our delivery lunch offer is valid for a limited time. You can always call us and ask about the topicality or ask your questions about lunch delivery. We update the menu from time to time, make other interesting offers for lunch and delivery to the office or home.

If you want to eat in the middle of a busy day, food delivery service will help you! We deliver orders both at home and in the office and do not have to pay extra for lunch delivery if delivery is up to 3 km. To get food delivery you just need to go to our website, select the tab " Lunch delivery Lviv " if you are looking for inexpensive and fast delivery from 3 complex lunches, or the tab " Food delivery " if you want to order dishes from our main menu. food delivery service provides an opportunity to cheaply order "Lviv Lunch Delivery" online any dish or salad and get free home delivery. In addition, it provides additional benefits:
• we constantly have various discounts and promotions that allow you to save on online food purchases or lunch delivery in Lviv;
• we have a small range of dishes, which gives us the opportunity to focus on the quality of products we produce;
delivery of lions lions
• you can order borsch, dumpling soup, salads, dumplings and potato pancakes along with dishes such as pilaf, samsa, lagman carp. We prepare dishes of oriental, Ukrainian and international cuisine;
• We are in contact with our customers constantly, first ordering, cooking, packing and shipping. In addition, you will follow the geolocation, how quickly it will arrive and where the lunch delivery to the city is now.
• you can always leave your feedback on our website regarding the delivery, packaging or taste of the dish. We carefully treat every opinion of our customers. This helps us to improve the service.


In the case of ordering lunch delivery in Lviv, we advise you to pay attention to our service as a competitive position among the links of the present establishments of this class. Try to evaluate our lunches! is a reliable partner for delivering lunches in Lviv!


Delivery of lunches to the office or to your home is possible in Lviv by prior arrangement . We can change the menu even the composition of dishes, or make only a salad and a second course. In addition, if desired, we can take into account the cost of such a complex lunch kefir or compote.


The Internet often searches for just such a combination as "lion lunch delivery" in order to find a possible partner for food delivery to the office. Such a search really helps to reach the most active suppliers of lunches in Lviv. Just through the "delivery of lunches in Lviv" you can make a list of suppliers for the delivery of lunches in Lviv and order from the most suitable.

delivery of lions lions

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