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Manti and khinkali - what is common and what is different!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The mantles are not hinkali, and the hinkali are not #manti. But both can be very tasty!

There is still a difference between manti and hinkali

Manti is the national dish of the peoples of Central Asia, the provinces of Xinjiang in China, Turkey and the Crimea. Hinkali is the national dish of the peoples of the Caucasus. Homeland khinkali - Sakartvelo (Georgia).

Манти на пару

Manti or Manty (on the photo)

✔ Hinkali dough is always made fresh, you only need flour, water and salt. Manti dough is also often fresh, but there are cooks who add an egg to it. Some peoples (such as the Uighurs) make mantis out of yeast dough during the cold season. Mantle dough is usually thinner than khinkali dough.

Hinkali (on the photo)

✔There are some differences in the filling. In khinkali, it is always meat (beef and pork, less often lamb), more often in the form of minced meat, but can also be sliced. Its good ones are seasoned with spices and a lot of greens are added. The stuffing is more varied in manti: it is mainly sliced meat (it can be minced meat), or meat and potatoes, potatoes with lard, meat with pumpkin or carrots, pumpkin. Onions are a must. For juiciness in manti can add lamb fat. Preference is given to lamb (lamb), beef, you can take pork, goat.

✔ Mantles differ from hinkali in shape. They look like envelopes, which can be round, triangular or square. In this case, the mantles either close completely from above, or have small holes. Hinkali are small bags that are always hermetically sealed.

Manti are prepared in a special steamer - mantovari (manti-kason). Method of preparation - for steam. Hinkali is prepared like ordinary dumplings: they are spread in boiled, salted water to taste and expected until they float. Hinkali before serving generously sprinkled with black pepper, preferably coarsely ground. Manti are greased with oil and eaten with sour cream, chakka (suzma) or onion-tomato sauce.

✔ Hinkali should be eaten with hands. They are taken by the "tail", gently eaten and drink the spicy meat broth accumulated inside. The "tail" itself is eaten liquid, leaving it on the edge of the plate. Mantis can be eaten with your hands or a fork and knife, they are eaten whole. Delicious! <! -

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